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3 Ring Binders

classic ring bindersOne of the most appropriate ways to organize your paperwork is by the use of 3 ring binders. This is because you can separate it into various sections by dates or topics. You can get it in various sizes depending on your level of working where you can have small binders for single subjects or even big ones which you can organize your entire life. In its absence, one can use a folder, which gives you an added advantage since you need not punch your papers. On the other hand, you can have folders fitted in the three rings binder to avoid punching your documents.

A binder is not only involved with the excellent system of a company but the organizer too. You require getting a small pocket-size that you do not have to fit in your binder. It can hold all your contacts, dates, contacts, private associates, and business or even a list of all your responsibilities. It is equally important that you have a good bag, but the type of bag depends on the work to be done. If it is the case that you are an expert, for instance, a suitcase will do you well. This way you have to carry some papers with you, being the best way to keep you light given that a little bag will adequately serve your needs to the maximum.

Although many high-tech devices in the market help in organizing your professional and personal life, 3 ring binders are all you need. There are several distinct advantages of using these ring binders in the battle to stay organized. For beginners, they are inexpensive, flexible and readily available. There are also some standardized inserts you can use to make them even more useful as organizational tools. For instance, you can buy plastic sleeves to keep business cards and photographs, or to tuck away the relevant receipts. To add some level of sophistication, you can order customized three-ring binders for your company or any clubs you belong to a way of improving recruitment efforts and name recognition. Finally, unlike electronic devices, you will not lose your valuable information in case you misplace your 3-ring binders.

Here are three Ways to Use 3 Ring Binders to Organize Your Life

    • Meal Planning and Recipes: 3 ring binders are such a perfect way to organize and collect all your favorite recipes in order. This approach allows you to store, sort, and find the family favorites by meal type, season, (i.e. breakfast, lunch, or dinner) or the place of origin, like Mexican or Italian or dishes. Organizing favorite recipes in such a manner makes grocery shopping easier since it allows you to remove quickly favorite recipes to take to the store with you. You may also create and store some blank copies of a master grocery shopping list in the recipe binder. This assists in saving money since you only buy the things you require for the coming week.
    • Tax Purposes: Imagine how much easier life is at tax time especially once you have all your necessary tax receipts in one centralized location. This is particularly useful if you usually operate a small home-based business and do not have the benefit of a bookkeeper throughout the year to help you keep track of deductible expenses. A simple way to file receipts is to tape them to a blank sheet of paper and add the description, date, and if applicable, the business reason for expenditure. In addition, you may want to make a photocopy of each printed sheet because some receipts are likely to fade over time. Taking ten or fifteen minutes once every week to complete this task, makes tax filing so much easier and will come in handy if you are ever audited.

  • Hobbies: There are many ways to use the 3 ring binders to record your favorite hobbies. For instance, if you like to farm, you may open a binder to save all articles from the gardening magazines. This makes it easier to find the exact piece you want when you require it, and it comes in handy later. You could add notes concerning planting dates, seed packs, bloom times, and colorful photographs of your farm. As a gardener, it helps you a great deal in determining the plants to group together in future to achieve greater visual impact and better color combinations. It also helps you to remember the plants you planted in each area. Of course, this is just a quick specimen of how to use the 3-ring binders to store records of your favorite hobbies in an organized manner. Chances are you can quickly think of ways to use them to organize better your favorite activities, as well.

In conclusion, for students, you can use a shoulder bag but it better to have a backpack for the times you have to take large volumes of books for you cannot carry more than one bag on your back. You can also think of a small hiking backpack if you are at all times in a hurry. However, this backpack should be large enough to carry your credentials and clothes for some days but little to be manageable. If you solitary have a few papers, there is ample room for the 3 ring binders.

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