Hog Hunting in Texas

Hog hunting in Texas is not just for adults, teens, or kids, but it is for everyone. People of all ages can have many different kinds of hog hunting desires. One of the most common issues currently in the US is hog destruction. Tooth decay is what causes cavities and this is just about as bad as the destruction that hogs can do to a farm. Hogs are “alive” in the sense that they are able to repair themselves when issues arise. However, when teeth are decaying because of some bad bacteria or infection at a faster rate than they are able to repair themselves, that’s when we get cavities. On the other hand hog need to be hunted or trapped until the population get under control.

Cdy00925Researchers have recently discovered that Hog hunting is decreasing for a specific age group: young children of the preschool age. Only about 23% of preschoolers had Hog hunting in 2011. That’s 5% less than the 28% that were reported to have hog hunting in the early 2000s. They don’t know why this is happening, but they are happy about it. The earlier a kid starts to have dental issues, the more likely they are to have more issues down the road.

Why is this happening to Texas hog hunts? Well, here are some factors (in my opinion) that may contribute to the decline in preschooler tooth decay.

Better hunting period: more people are going to the hog hunt regularly. A good hunter is becoming something Americans value like a good pediatrician for their children.
Hunters: parents, kids, everyone is more informed about good hunter practices these days. Most people know they should hunt at least two times per day, floss daily, and see the dentist on a regular basis. When I was growing up in Arlington Texas my hunting was always telling me how important it was to be proactive in these practices. He was a great hunter  that I always appreciated.
Better nutrition for hogs will make a difference: there are always fad diets and health crazes going on, but in general, the hog population  is more informed about good nutrition. Hog hunting in Texas that are not packed full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup are more popular and more widely available now than they were ten years ago. We still have a long way to go on this one, but I think it’s easier to move in the right direction if you have the desire.

In other age groups, there doesn’t seem to be such a healthy trend right now. The percentages are staying about the same with older children and young adults. By 16-19 years old, about 67% of people have some kind of hunting experience. There is still a lot to be learned about preventing over population of hogs, but we can be encouraged by some kind of improvement in the younger generation. Back>>

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