How to maintain restaurant hygiene

Food safety is a scientific discipline that has to be maintained in your restaurant. It is of paramount importance not only for the pleasure of your customer, but it also ensures a continued success of your business. Food can transmit diseases and may also cause the severe health hazard to your customers. Food hygiene not only describes the standard for the preparation of your food item but it also describes proper storage and good personal hygiene that is to be maintained by your staff in the restaurant.

1. The first step towards hygiene of your restaurant starts by obtaining a food hygiene certificate that is given by the government. But hygiene is all about the good old common sense that you are aware off. When we talk about hygiene, the first thing that comes to the mind is the raw materials, which are used in the kitchen. Any raw material that you think are unfit even after sorting should be avoided. An adequate supply of drinking water is very essential in maintaining hygiene while preparing food. Kitchen hygiene also requires properly trained kitchen workers to follow correct procedures in food preparation and handling.

2. The kitchen should also be kept clean. Failure in kitchen maintenance can result in the growth of bacteria which can easily contaminate the food that has been prepared. Kitchen hygiene is very important for the health of those who consume the food. It also results in the success of your restaurant. Cleaning the kitchen is not just simply sweeping the floor. Use of antiseptic detergent is very important to clean the kitchen surfaces, the entries, the storage area and the freezers that are used in your kitchen. It is better to have a swing door between the kitchen and the serving area of your kitchen because it does not require anyone to touch with their hands while passing. You should also take care of the left-over food. They should be stored and placed properly. The temperature of the refrigerator should also be maintained while storing hygiene

3. Personal hygiene is one of the vital points you have to keep in mind while maintaining the kitchen hygiene of your restaurant. Your kitchen staff should be trained to maintain the high degree of personal cleanliness. They should be instructed to wash their hands regularly. They must wash their hands just after entering into the kitchen and even before preparing food. Their head should be covered with paper hats or hair nets. This not only protects your restaurant’s reputation but it also ensures that the food is not contaminated. Your kitchen staffs should avoid handling food when they are injured. Unwell employees of your restaurant should not be allowed into the kitchen, as because they can easily transmit disease through casual contact with food. Use of apron is also very essential. It should be worn and removed before moving to the other areas of the kitchen.

4. Lastly, you should ensure that the utensils that are used in the kitchen are kept clean. The bowls, spoons, knives and the other tools that are used while cooking should be sterilized from time to time. Remember, the name of your restaurant will not only depend on the food you cook and serve to your customers but also how they felt afterwards. If they become sick or unwell, it speaks very badly about your restaurant. So never be negligent in your kitchen hygiene as your business’s reputation depends on it.

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