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Early in my cowboy  career I realized that animals need to be treated properly and carefully with insecticides. If animals were not cared for and treated for these bugs then you could have a terrible impact on beef production. I gained a lot of experience treating for various pests in regards to animals that were being raised for food. There is a lot of controversy over this issue but ultimately something has to be done with insecticides to get rid of these bugs before an animal it Is processed. Obviously the treatments cannot be given to an animal just before it is processed. There needs to be the proper amount of time taken before processing so that the insecticide can work it’s way out of the system. It’s also very important and our homes today that pest control is taken seriously. I know in my Home city of Fort Worth Texas that pest-control in Fort Worth is very import! This really is all I have to say about this controversial topic. Basically none of us want bugs in our food or our home. We should do everything necessary to rid ourselves from these past that could cause diseases and get into and negatively affect our health in our home. Obviously everything needs to be done carefully, lawfully, And be exactly as directions are given on these different pesticides.

I can remember as a cowboy the various ways that we would treat these animals for bugs. Sometimes there would be your tag placed in the animals year that would repel these critters. Other times once or twice a year we would gather the animals on the ranch and poor an insecticide across the top of their spies. Obviously animals have tails and then use those two repel past but that is not enough in certain places in the country where fleas, tix, And other bugs are overwhelming to these helpless animals.

That also leads me to make a comment on various ways that our homes need to be protected from bugs as well. Residential and commercial properties need to have pest control especially here in my city of Fort Worth Texas. Usually the treatment and a home quarterly is enough. Sometimes commercial properties need to have a monthly treatment such is the case in places such as restaurants. This brings me back too of course the topic of food. We do not want bugs and the animals that we are going to process nor do we want them on the plates, Within the prepared food that we are about to eat.

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